These are some insights on Famous Kheora Salt Mine.

Natural Himalayan Salt Cave inside World largest Kheora Salt mine
Khewra Salt mine in Pakistan is the world’s second greatest source of edible salt. ” Wieliczka Salt mines” in Poland are suppose to be the world’s first greatest salt mines.

Khewra Salt Mine is one the most important salt range in the world. Here it is supposed to be twenty million and twenty lakh of tons of salt present .Khewra salt mine range started near Jhelum River and finish into Indus River in kala bagh. In north of the salt mines is situated Pothowar Region in Pakistan. Though these are the barren mountains yet with the abundance of minerals. Salt is the basic while Gipsum and coal is also available here.

In the year 326 B.C, during the battle between Alexander the Great and Raja Porus at the bank of River Jhelum, the sick horses licked the out-crop rocks and got well, thereby exposing this enormous treasure of salt deposit at Khewra. It is a huge and one of the richest salt fields in the world.

The length of salt range is over 186 miles (300 kilometers) and width is 8 to 30 Kms with an average height of 2, 200 ft. It starts from Baganwala near Jhelum River to Kalabagh near Indus River. Its highest altitude at Sakesar Mountain is about 4990 ft. Another salt range in the country is Kohat saline series which starts from Jatta Ismael Khel and covers almost all the hilly landscape up to Bahdur Kheil District Jehlum

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