Salt Therapy and Salt Caves

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What is Speleotherapy?

Speleotherapy is a word extracted from “Greek” that is “Speleo”. Its meaning is “Cave”. This type of therapy works upon respiratory system. One an take the minerals infused in air by breathing inside. Those minerals are found in the air of salt mine. Salt Pipes are used in this type of therapy. You can go in natural salt mines to get healing from ailments or construct your own salt cave to produce an environment of natural salt mines. By creating salt mine environment, one breath inside the minerals which helps in curing ailments related to breath, respiratory system especially. Along with it helps in removing other diseases such as allergies of all kind in throat, lungs, skin, chest. This is very helpful for asthma patients.

What is Halotherapy?

The word “Halos” is part of Greek Word and the term Halo-therapy is associated with this. The word “Halo therapy” is used to cure respiratory diseases, skin allergies or mental lethargy. The method is to use therapeutic use of natural salt in a simulated microcosmic like halochamber or salt room or salt caves. It should contain an environment of natural salt mines. From the last many centuries, the monks, ancient people have been using salt to teat respiratory problems occurred in body. This is very old method to overcome such ailments. It helps a lot in skin diseases such as emphysema, eczema, asthma. Salt is very popular mineral known as anti-bacterial, mcolytic, anti inflammatory. The scientific studies presents the facts that Halo therapy cures people from airborne allergies, cystic fibrosis, sinusitis, airborne allergies and cystic fibrosis derive.

What are Salt Rooms?

Salt Rooms are designed to simulate the environment of salt mine. The salt rooms are dry with sterling environment that creates an environment of humidity, air temperature control, air pressure and contents.

How Salt Caves are Built?
Salt rooms are covered ceiling to floor in a salt application and utilize a halo generator to crush pharmaceutical grade salt into small particles for inhalation to create the desired microclimate.

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