Himalayan Salt and Animals’ Needs

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Why Animals lick salt?

“Salt, or the sodium it contains, is the only mineral for which animals exhibit “nutritional wisdom.”Salt is the mineral that animals have natural appetite and it also exhibits nutritional wisdom. Sodium, the salt, is the major competent of saliva too. It helps buffer acid during ruminal fermentation. Animals exhibits natural behavior towards licking salt. Himalayan Salt has all attributes which completes the natural desire of animal. This is 100% pure , natural and mined from the mines having 250 years old salt deposits. Many animals can take benefits from Himalayan Salt such as cows, horses, buffaloes,  deer, sheep, wild animals and many others. It helps especially during reproductive system of animal health.

The Natural Himalayan Salt and Animals. Why Animal would like to Lick it?

This is all because of following reasons:-

  • Animals have natural appetite for salt
  • Live Stocks are licking patches of soil, so there must be absence of necessary minerals.
  • Licking salt prevents many diseases that may appear in animals.
  • Salt Licking gives to animals energy, proteins and makes their bones strong.
  • It is very helpful in the reproductive systems of animals

The farmers who deal with livestock have understanding about ” nutrition in balance” is must for the production. The essential elements necessary for animals are as following:-

  •  iron
  • iodine
  • copper
  • manganese
  • zinc
  • cobalt
  • selenium
  • chromium

Though above elements are necessary and essential but they are required only in minute quantity. In typical ruminant feeds and pastures, most minerals are present in sufficient quantities to supply the needs of stock.


Himalayan Pink Salt have up to maximum 84 minerals that are found in and necessary for human body.  Read full article here………

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